WINTER INSTALLATION  21 snowman military takeover of SF. on the solstice. 1983

It was a cold day in San Francisco, the winter solstice 1983. The city by the bay was about to be attacked by a military force of 21 plaster snowman. What can I say, having grown up in New England I missed winter and it didn’t look like it was going to snow anytime soon so I sent out some press releases warning the city that “…you can’t escape!”

Can you imagine trying to do this in today’s climate of terror and fear. Storm troopers would probably kick down your door and parade you in front of Fox news; you might even just…disappear into some make shift interrogation facility. Who would feed your dog?

     So, a buddy and I (Rick Camire) filled up my pickup truck with 21 of these plaster warriors and proceeded in a military fashion to take over of the city, just like you would on some board game. Infiltrate the underground, seal off all the main entry and exit points, capture the highest vantage points, the main power station, and finally the steps of city hall. We surrounded the city with winter! Done.

     Except for one thing…lights started flashing and a man in uniform waved us to the side of the road. “You forgot something back there.” He said.

     It was ranger Jim Milestone (yes that’s his real name) of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. He proceeded to drive us down a steep embankment at the cliff house to file a report and remove the chilly intruder. My hat’s off to Jim for doing his job. He was the only person in the entire city to try and stop this winter occupation of the city. We are all much safer now.