Below is my entry into the World Trade Center memorial competition.

Over 7000 people entered the competition.  All entries were anonymous.


This is the actual entry in PDF form CLICK



Over 63 countries lost people in the disaster. I proposed a life size bronze cast be made from a person from each of those countries as well as of firemen , police and other occupations to better represent those involved in this tragedy.  A melting pot. That is America. They are all holding hands. They are supporting each other. They are connected. They face outward. Protecting. Keeping watch so to speak.  Inside a white marble base is inscribed the names of all who perished. It has one door to enter and exit , as a metaphor for life. There is no roof. The sun and rain and snow will enter. The base is tilted outward slightly as are the bronze figures  to make it feel as if they are moving on but still here. The top row of figures is at ground level.  From street level it would appear as if one group of people formed a ring holding hands. They are facing outward, rather than inward. I hope that is not  unsettling for people. The towers were a vertical community stacked upon itself. The floors supported each other. The figures are also stacked upon themselves , supporting each other. The statement below was included with my entry.


This is not trying to be bigger than life

The figures are scaled to life size

It is trying to show how big life can be.

How we can support each other and move beyond atrocity.


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